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Our Commitment to sport

Paradis Plage prides itself as being the first hotel in Morocco to support up and coming sportsmen and women. Our commitment to supporting our young athletes to the realisation of their dreams is one of our main priorities.


Born in Rabat, July 8th of 1992 and with origins from Agadir. Othmane made his first Take Off on the waves of Agadir along with Ramzi and Samir Boukhiam, his two childhood friends.

France Surf Pole - Bayonne 2007/2011

At the Age of 14 years old, on his way back from the World Junior Surfing Championships, and after meeting with coaches from the France Surf Pole (highest structure of the sector from the top level of the FF of Surf) Othmane announced to his parents that he wants to leave the family cocoon and continue his secondary studies in high school Rene Cassin in Bayonne in the France Pole. Othmane was admitted as a Moroccan surfer within this structure, thanks to an agreement between the French Surfing Federation and the Royal Moroccan Federation of Surf.

Five years of intense training and a few thousand waves later, Othmane proudly represented the national flag in several international competitions. The twenty years old, Othmane Choufani stands out from the new generation of surfers which are hungry for competition. In fact, not realizing himself even with more than encouraging results in the competitive sphere, the one his peers now nicknamed 'Hot Man' - The Charger, decided at the age of 19 to withdraw from the Pro Junior circuit for a new surf look: The Extreme Surf - Big Wave.



Originally from Casablanca in Morocco, it was at the age of 11 years that Soufiane Charoub took his first wave. It was not long before he became passionate about the sport and made it a true vocation.

Two years later, at the age of 13, he began his first competitions in Morocco and then in the European hexagon.

Following that, he was Moroccan Junior Champion two consecutive years, and subsequently Vice Champion of Morocco Open. He participated in parallel in the Junior World Championships with the national team and then followed for a few years the Pro Junior European circuit.

After completing his higher education, Soufiane took up the competition with a goal in mind, multiplying his participation in the WQS (World Qualifying Series) and maximizing his chances of evolution in the world ranking while representing Morocco internationally.



Kyllian is a Surfer from Hossegor in the South Of France, who grew up in Costa Rica.
Surfing is his biggest passion and his life is surrounded by this amazing Sport .

Lucky for being able to Travel the world to surf all types of waves and discover new cultures and people from all around the world since he was young. This has offered him the opportunity to be open minded and understand how fragile our earth really is and how we must take care of our oceans.



Harite Gabari, only Moroccan representative in the 2013 edition of the famous Paris-Dakar. In the Motorcycles category, he ranked 63th, a feat when its history is better known. So back on the exceptional career of a passionate doubled a great patriot.

For Harite, Motorbikes are a family story, it all came from his father who made this passion born through his dirt bikes and long hours viewing the tapes of Dakar, particular showpiece event for all fans of the sport. The child dream became an adult goal. It is the desire, sacrifice and perseverance that will allow him to beat the departure of this famous rallye in 2011 for the Dakar Rally, where he already represents only Morocco.



At Paradis Plage we believe that supporting the upcoming generations is paramount for the future of Moroccan surfing. 

As part of our sponsoring program, we have recruited the next Moroccan force who’s powerful turns don’t go unnoticed. 

Selyann Zouhir, is already making a name for himself in the international surf scene. This young surfer from Casablanca has already taken part in some of the biggest events of the QS and European junior competitions with excellent results. 

His passion and enthusiasm are the driving force for his success.

Selyann has accumulated some important titles, like a third place in the Lacanau Pro, 5th in the Anglet Pro, 4th place in the European Junior Championships, and Moroccan Junior champion amongst many other. 

With this solid track record , to say we’re excited for the future is an understatement. 

Welcome to the family!



Les Gazelles Gadiris- Naïma et Carolyne


The only Rallye Raid 100% female
Since 1990, it brings together women from 18 to 65 and from 36 different nationalities in the Moroccan desert

The only Sustainable Development Rallye
A clean Rally! This Rally is certified according to ISO 14001. Ecology and sustainable development are at the heart of the consciences of the Gazelles.

Another vision of motorsport
No speed and no GPS navigation but only rustic navigation tools in the backcountry. Every morning, gazelles go driving their vehicle in search of tags using a compass and maps.

Naima driver :
Passionate about her pilot life and her native land, she has always been attracted by the great outdoors. Sacred!

Carolyne co-pilot :
Passionate about travel and discovery, generous in her dedication and commitments.